Tournament Info

This year’s tournament will once again be “draft style” and will be held at Champion Fields in Normal, IL.

“Draft style” means players will sign up as individuals and not as a full team.  Designated captains will draft their teams the week before the tournament and teams will be posted online so that everyone knows which team they’re on and what time they play.

The Swinging Bunt Tournament will NO LONGER be a 3-day tournament. There will be NO FRIDAY GAMES. Please be aware of this. Saturday will consist of round robin play and Sunday will feature the single elimination tournament.

The cost per player will be $35 and each participant will receive a free tournament t-shirt.

Each team will receive a 4-game minimum and the winning team will receive individual prizes. There will also be a variety of raffles and giveaways featuring prizes from local businesses as well as national vendors. All proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the Jackson Wert Medical Fund.

This tournament is not sanctioned by any of the governing bodies of softball and we will therefore be able to play by some customized rules.  Official A.S.A. slow pitch rules will apply unless modified by these rules and regulations set forth below.

1. We will be allowing ASA bats this year. We are moving to the .52/300 ball and therefore will be allowing the ASA-only bats if you choose to use them. All bats must be legal in either the ASA or NSA. This allows for a wide variety of bats but the standard illegal bats (Ultra II, original Ultra, etc) will continue to be illegal in our tournament.

2. No juiced, painted, or shaved bats of any kind.  This is for a good cause and the last thing we want is someone to get hurt using an illegal bat.  Leave those bats at home. If you are caught with one of these bats, you will be kicked out of the tournament.

3. Home Runs will be TBD. We try to come up with something new each year.

4. No stealing.

5. NO METAL SPIKES!! While you can typically wear metal at this complex, we are not allowing them in this tournament. If you wear them, you’ll be asked to change into cleats or turfs. If you don’t have those, you’ll be wearing tennis shoes. So do yourself a favor and make sure you have the right shoes.

6. Games will have a 60 minute maximum time.  No new inning will start after 50 minutes.

7. Every out at home will be a force out. Catchers should play home like they are playing 1B. The runner may touch the mat if the plate is obstructed. This rule is in place to take away the chance of collisions at home. There will be a “Commit Line” chalked between 3B and home. Once the runner crosses that line, the runner cannot return to 3B and the play becomes a force at home.

8. NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED AT THE FIELDS OR IN THE PARKING LOTS ADJACENT TO THE FIELDS. Sorry…the fields are run by the local park district and they make the rules. This rule will now be strongly enforced due to some incidents in the past. There are drinking establishments nearby.

9. NO SMOKING IN THE DUGOUTS, BLEACHERS, FIELDS, ETC!! There are designted smoking areas and it needs to be contained there. I will not lose the cooperation of the park district over this so this needs to be strictly followed. Much like the rule above, I will kick you out if you violate this rule.

10. All players will sign a waiver that will waive liability for and the Normal Parks and Rec Department of any injuries.

11. “Shooting Middle” maliciously will NOT be tolerated during the Swinging Bunt Tournament. We will utilize the nets for pitcher who choose to use them. Any batted ball that strikes the pitching net will be an automatic dead ball out with no advancement by the runners. We understand that the middle of the field is in play but if anyone goes at a pitcher that is not using the net on purpose or with intent to injure, they will immediately be ejected from the tournament. We have seen too many instances of games getting completely out of hand after players intentionally taking shots at the opposing pitchers. If you are the type of player that feels the need to go after the pitcher, then this tournament is not for you. Understand that there is NO RULE in place that says if you hit a pitcher, you are out or kicked out. All captains will monitor this and if any issue comes up, it will be dealt with.

12. We will enforce the “HIT AND SIT” rule when you hit a HR.  There is no need to run out a HR and there is no need to touch 1B after hitting a HR.

Many other details about the tournament can be found on the FAQ page.

Come out and have some fun playing softball while raising money for an extremely worthwhile cause!


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